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HUF’s partnership approach is based on the following fundamental beliefs: Water is a shared common resource, best conserved and governed by communities of users. Improved access to water must be complemented with behaviour change for judicious water use at the individual and community level.

Partnership approach

HUF collaborates with civil society organisation partners across the country to execute a range of solutions that: augment access to water, improve governance of water and optimise usage of water for rural communities. The Foundation values partners with insightful hydrogeological expertise and a deep commitment to empowering rural communities.

HUF’s partners have been instrumental in shaping the Foundation’s understanding of water-related issues.

HUF supports three types of programmes:

Supply side programmes

HUF’s supply-side programmes aim at improving regional water security through supply augmentation measures which include:

  1. Construction of new water structures or restoration of defunct structures.
  2. Capacitating government officials and frontline workers for national flagship programmes where water conservation forms a large component.
  3. Governance related interventions.

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Demand side programmes

HUF’s demand-side programmes work with farmers, especially small landholders, to help them better manage water use in agriculture, which includes:

  1. Improved irrigated water use application efficiency.
  2. Enhanced yield with lower water consumption by using an improved variety of seeds.
  3. Increased water usage efficiency with intercropping - cultivating another crop alongside the main crop.
  4. Shift to relatively less water-consuming crops.

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Research and knowledge programmes

Given the range of India’s water problems and solutions, there is a need to create and amplify solutions and build a collaborative engagement ecosystem for water stakeholders. These programmes aim to:

  1. Consolidate and curate insights on solutions, methods, and tools that serve as powerful water solutions in different parts of the country.
  2. Amplify the insights and solutions through various communication methods and channels.
  3. Build engagement and a collaborative dynamic amongst different stakeholders.

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