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Hindustan Unilever Foundation

Hindustan Unilever Foundation

As a responsible corporate committed to stewardship on development challenges, HUL set up the Hindustan Unilever Foundation (HUF) in 2010.

HUF works with mission based organisations to identify and catalyse effective solutions that address India’s complex and diverse water challenges.

India’s population-to-water resource ratio is 18:4 percent

Water security affects access and availability of water, directly impacting agriculture ecosystems and the resilience of India’s 1.4 billion people.

Women filling water carriers at taps

To meet its water needs, India relies heavily on groundwater

The overall stage of groundwater extraction in the country is 59.26%, with 87% of this attributed to irrigation. India accounts for one-fourth of the total groundwater extracted globally, more than that of USA and China combined.

Water being pumped from field

By 2030, India will have half the water it needs

India will face severe water stress if the country’s water usage continues at the current rate. Due to over dependence on groundwater and inefficient use of water in agriculture nearly 60 percent of India’s districts face water stress or quality issues.

Woman collecting water

India’s impending water crisis threatens farmer livelihoods and food security

Nearly 80 percent of India’s freshwater is used in agriculture, much higher than countries such as China and South Africa which use about 60-65 percent.

People ploughing

Our belief

Water is a resource that we all share as humanity, and the onus of securing it rests on every one of us. At HUF, we believe that we have the science and solutions to solve India’s water crisis in our lifetime.

With informed intent and shared purpose, we can galvanise farmers, panchayats, civil society organisations, the private sector and the government to achieve Water for All.

Who we are

HUF works towards identifying scalable solutions to address India’s water challenges – specifically for rural communities that intersect with agriculture. HUF’s programmes go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to address the diversity of water challenges.

With communities and farmers at their core, these programmes deliver solutions that can help rural communities 'Know More' about their critical water resources, 'Save More' using scientific conservation methods, and 'Use Less' water in agriculture.

More about HUF and our leadership.

Our approach

HUF supports large scale action on water conservation, governance and judicious water use. Programmes are backed by innovative solutions, mission driven civil society organisations and strategic partnerships , along the following three pillars.

Water numeracy icon

Know More

Widescale deployment of solutions such as low-cost technologies and tools (water budgets, score cards, etc.) that help communities and individuals map water sources, estimate water needs and quantify use.

Behaviour change

Save More

Adoption of technology (GIS and digital) for data-driven measurement, decision making and governance for communities to lead their conservation efforts (both on ground water and water use).

Corn icon.

Use Less

Demonstrate evidence-based solutions on input use, yield improvement and market linkages to help farmers adopt judicious water use practices and crop choices.

HUF’s impact

HUF’s programmes impact over 4 lakh farmers through ongoing projects. To date, these programmes have supported about 7,300 people’s institutions, which include water user groups, self-help groups, farmer groups and federations.

The cumulative impact of HUF’s programmes (independently assured up to 2022-23) is as follows:

3.2+ trillion litres

Water potential created

2+ million metric tonns

Increase in yield

114+ million

Person days created

Water influences environmental, economic and social impact indicators. HUF programmes deliver impact on connected outcomes that are independently assured each year.

Read about the impact of our water security programmes.

Conserving water, cultivating joy

Improving water security not only safeguards our environment but also contributes to the well-being of communities and individuals. Through our efforts, we seek to make a meaningful difference in water conservation as well as the quality of life for all.

HUF teams up with various mission driven non profit organisations to advance our goal of solving India’s water crisis. Together, we are working to make a real difference in India’s water scarce regions.

Find out about our partnerships.

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