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Our approach

HUF's flagship platform 'Water for Public Good' aims to catalyse effective water security solutions at scale, in partnership with government and mission-driven non-profit organisations.

Our programmes recognise the diversity of India’s water challenges across hydrogeological zones, river basins and agro-climatic conditions. This diversity mandates a range of solutions instead of a 'one solution at scale' approach.

With communities and farmers at their core, our programmes have delivered solutions that can help them 'Know More' about their critical water resources, 'Save More' using scientific conservation methods, and 'Use Less' water in agriculture.

The impact of our work

HUF’s water conservation initiative partners with 16 civil society organisations and multiple co-funders (including government). The programmes span 14,000 villages in 13 states and 2 union territories across India.

HUF's reach

A map of India showing locations of co-funders

Disclaimer: Map of India should not be used for navigation or legal purposes. It is intended as graphical design element and does not warrant the Map or its features to be either spatially or temporally accurate. Hindustan Unilever Foundation does not claim the correctness or authenticity of the same.

How do we measure impact?

At HUF, we have adopted a robust protocol by partnering with civil society organisations to measure the outcome of our programmes which includes various crucial indicators. These include the quantum of water potential created through conservation efforts and improved agricultural practices.

We also measure the economic benefits to farmers through yield and income improvement. Further, we look at the effectiveness of community-led institutions on the governance of shared water assets, as our aim is to make the community self-reliant, and self sustaining. These outcomes are validated through independent third-party audits.

The cumulative impact of HUF’s programmes (independently assured up to 2022-23) is as follows:


3.2+ trillion litres

of cumulative and collective water potential created up to the year 2023

Yield output

2+ million metric tonns

of agricultural and biomass production generated until the year 2023


114+ million person days

generated up to 2023 through community water conservation projects

Find out more about our individual programmes and impact.

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