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Transforming water security and agriculture potential for tribal farmers in arid North Gujarat


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Extreme temperatures and erratic rainfall characterise the climate of North Gujarat.  Agriculture is the main source of livelihood for tribal farmers in the region who have been facing significant economic distress due to a decline in water access, small land holdings and poor farm productivity. Taking a cue from large farmers, they have started to grow cash crops that are resource intensive (inputs and water), resulting in diminishing returns and despair. 

HUF’s partnership with VIKSAT aims to set up a replicable model for economic well-being of tribal farmers in dry arid regions despite their small land holdings and exposure to weather risks. The programme will build capabilities of tribal farmers to adopt measurement tools for inputs (water, seeds, fertilisers etc) and resultant yields. Farmers will be incentivised to make smart choices to use water responsibly and adopt innovative farm practices. This programme uniquely leverages the role of grassroots organisations including Self-Help Groups (SHGs), Village Organisations (VOs) and a Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO). 

The programme will cover 53 villages. An estimated 12,000 farmers will benefit through adoption of practices on 8,300 hectares of land.


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