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Sustainable and scalable solutions for water efficient; economically rewarding agriculture for small farmers

PANI - People’s Action for National Integration

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The second phase of HUF’s partnership with PANI aims to build capacity at scale for village professionals specialising in agriculture extension services across one district in East UP. In Phase 1, the cadre of CRPs was effective in shifting farmer behaviour with high adoption rates across programme villages. This led to the goal for a subsequent partnership to scale the programme as a model for water efficient; economically rewarding agriculture in East UP.

In Phase 2, PANI will deploy a cadre of village-based agri-water professionals (all women) at near block saturation level in Balrampur district. They will transition know-how on agriculture practices and resource conservation technologies to farmers in their villages. Using a combination of audio-video tools, on-farm demonstrations, access to improved inputs and measurement of outcomes; the cadre will catalyse the adoption of sustainable water practices in their villages.

This programme aims to cover 350 Gram Panchayats in Balrampur district. An estimated 70,000 farmers will benefit through adoption of practices on 28,384 hectares of land.


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