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A model to ensure water security for farming communities in the undulating terrain of the Dangs


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The region of Dangs is characterised with high rainfall (3000 mm), high soil erosion and rainwater runoff due to a hilly topography.  Even with such high levels of rainfall, farmers in the region are unable to source water for irrigation. Steep gradients make it hard to store water in the region. Even though significant investments have been made on structures to conserve water; they have been rendered dysfunctional over time.

The partnership with AKRSP (India) at Dangs tested a model to ensure water security for livelihoods in undulating terrains. To improve water availability, run-off harvesting structures were activated which stored water and reduced soil erosion. More importantly, the programme invested in building village-based community institutions that would plan, manage and govern their water resource structures. Building community ownership was a critical enabler for sustainability of constructed water structures. Outcomes from the programme also formed the basis of advocacy to the government to manage water in such topographical regions. 

This programme covered 65 villages in Dangs district. An estimated 8,516 farmers benefited through the construction of 569 minor structures and 27 small-medium check damns. 2,343 hectares of agricultural land was stabilised due to these efforts. 


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