Information portal for Rainfed Areas

Plan to develop an online platform providing free access to information to 640 districts and 2.5 lakh Panchayats, from a database compiled from 1950’s onwards in the next 2 years. It would bring data available from different sources, at different scales, on more than 300 parameters, from social to ecological issues to public investment patterns, from historical trends to (almost) real time information on a single geo-spatial platform. Built alongside processes of community engagement and collaborative knowledge building, it will be an integrated platform of three systems (India Database, Indian Biodiversity Information System IBIS (indianbiodiversity.org) and big spatial data) with an ability of telescoping from village to national level. It will provide better insights into an area using a cross sectoral analysis of information to help local communities, government officials, civil society organisations and other stakeholders to collectively diagnose and conceive development plans.


The Automatic Weather Stations

It collects data of the local weather conditions. Information in terms of weather forecast, crop treatments, nutrition and health is disseminated via charts and SMSs. These weather based advisories are specific to the crop and farm conditions. The information package includes practices and measures to facilitate in-crease in productivity and cost reduction in farm management.

Experimental games to strengthen collective action in groundwater governance