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Reshma Anand
Chief Executive Officer, Hindustan Unilever Foundation

As we hear of cities, townships and villages in India facing an impending water crisis, the work that we do at Hindustan Unilever Foundation could not be more purposeful. We’re deeply engaged with NGOs and state governments to work towards solutions that create water security and well-being for rural communities. We focus on water conservation and promoting the efficient use of water in agriculture in some of the most water vulnerable regions of India. Our belief is that water is a public good and should be available equitably to all today and in the years to come. Therefore, creating sustainable access to water and citizen led governance for water resources is the need of the hour. When these two outcomes play out, we’ve seen communities demonstrate leadership, courage and immense generosity as they collectively find solutions to their pursuit of water. And that’s the true reward of all the effort and resources that we put in.

As Hindustan Unilever Foundation completed 7 years of operations in 2017; we took a long and honest view on how far we’d come and what we could do next. As we move forward; we’re committed to transformative and bold initiatives that deliver impact beyond security for farmers by ensuring their well-being and prosperity.

Authentic, transparent partnerships based on a shared sense of purpose can make a real impact to citizens at the frontlines of India’s water crisis. I invite NGOs, funders and experts to join us and strengthen our efforts.