pProject Description - Huf





The project objective is to increase water and biomass availability as a basis of poverty alleviation through empowerment of the village communities in 75 villages of Jalna district. 
1. Harvest potential of a cumulative of 178 Billion Liters of runoff water over the project period and control soil and water erosion over 25000 Hectares of agriculture land through soil and water conservation measures. 
2. Stabilize and enhance the productive capacity of the local ecosystem, the agricultural, and livelihood base of the project villages.
3. Mainstream women and marginal groups in the institutional life of the village, improve the quality of their lives and strengthen the capacities of village institutions to effectively and accountably manage the projects as well as access locally available resources
4. 5% of people from very poor category would get project benefit (employment, land improvement, livelihood opportunity , access to water) and moved to next category (poor, average and better off).
5. Climate resilient agriculture: Weather based information used by farmers making decisions for 30% of net cultivated area.
6. Social equity enhanced as evidence by the upward movement of the lowest wealth ranked section of the local community.

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