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Shri. V. B Dyasa (MITTRA NAshik)


Barsingave Integrated Watershed Development Programme

Partner: Maharashtra Institute of Technology Transfer for Rural Area''s (MITTRA)
Shri. V. B Dyasa 
Chief Programme Coordinator,
The water harvesting and utilization project started in year 2010. Initially project budget was of Rs. 241.14 lacs with funds of Rs 172.89 lacs through HUF. In year 2012, MITTRA and HUF jointly approached NABARD for watershed project and on its approval; the project is entered into PPP mode with partners Hindustan Unilever Foundation, National Bank for Agriculture and Development (NABARD). Total budget is Rs. 227.36 lacs as grant and Rs. 23.87 as community contribution in which NABARD share is Rs.80.937 lacs and HUF share is Rs. 146.42 lacs. The activities planned under watershed continued through HUF funds till June 2013. Hence under PPP mode the budgets for HUF are Rs. 99.45 lacs. The project is up to September, 2016. 
The three years results are encouraging and in the direction of achieving the project objectives. This will provide an opportunity to all the partners HUF, NABARD and MITTRA to work together for common goal with more emphasis on conservation of valuable natural resources. 
The project consist of three micro watersheds namely Barsingve, Sonushi and Mydara-Dhanoshi with total area 2784.42 Ha. So far total area covered under treatment is 519.10 ha. The details of key performance indicators developed under triple bottom-line approach introduced in year 2013. Total 3 Village Watershed Committees and one apex body called cluster level committee are formed. Out of total planned 1095 persons who have undergone exposure/ training on improved agriculture & water management, 523 persons are covered during the year. The expected potential for harvest of water through multiple fillings o

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