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“Water conservation for community development project around HUL, Khamgaon Unit”

V.B. Dyasa
Chief programme Coordinator
Hindustan Unilever Foundation believes that water scarcity is one of the biggest crises India is facing. Water management has been has considered the key performance indicators. In order to address this issue proactively BAIF- MITTRA and HUL has been jointly engaged in water conservation projects since last few years. Hindustan Unilever’s Factory unit is located at Khamgaon in Buldhana district. The villages close to MIDC, Khamgaon area are Jalka Bhadang, Ghatpuri, Sutala, Wadi, and Makta- Kokta has been given priority. Total cost of water conservation project being implemented in six villages around Khamgaon is Rs. 185.05 lacs of which Hindustan Unilever Foundation is providing funds of about Rs.161.17 Lacs over the period of four years.
To commence the execution of water conservation efforts, an inauguration event was organised in December 13 and actual work initiated in January 14. Four villages were decided for the initial works with a plan of two small check dams in Jalka Bhadang and one big check dam in Makta and Kokta. Repair of check dam at Sutala was planned by installing gates. It was planned to remove the silt of two check dams. Overall it was planned to target of creating a potential of water storage with multiple filling to the tune of 0.16 billion litres. The works that will create 0.21 billion litres multiple storage were in progress till march 2014. Three water users groups were also formed which participated in planning and execution of work. Total 131 Persons undergone exposure and training on improved agriculture & water management.  For the first year period of three to four month was available to cover the planned target. It is expected that the challenges of commun

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