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Sachin Oza (DSC)


Integrated Water Resource Management and Conjunctive Use of Water in the Command Area of Water Scarce Irrigation Systems of North Gujarat

Partner: Development Support Centre, Ahmedabad
Sachin Oza
Executive Director
DSC, Ahmedabad
This was the second year of the project and the organisation has focussed on awareness creation, community mobilisation and execution of work. Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) is essentially a concept that looks at the supply and demand side of water in a holistic and sustainable manner. During the year 2013-14, we also accomplished 1training each for record keeping & quality control were organised in which 28 & 43 no. of stakeholders were participated respectively also 1 exposure visit was organised at model ground water management programme implemented by ACT in Mandavi, Bhuj (Gujarat) in which 87 no. of participants ( in 2 batches) were participated. Also campaigns, school programme, slogan painting on walls like awareness programmes were conducted. With the efforts of Development Support Centre (DSC), various Govt. Agencies and the local community the programme has achieved 54 ha. land levelling , 172 ha. farm bunding & grass seeding, 2 no. of well recharge, 2 no. of small & 7 no of medium check dams, 14 no. of check walls, 2 no. of stone & 3 no. of masonry outlets, 4 farm ponds, through the convergence with Gram Panchayat & WRD’s scheme 5 no. of medium check dams, desilting of 2 village ponds have been completed in the year 2013-14.

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