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Project theme, objectives and approach

People’s participation is the key to success of any programme. In order to ensure people’s participation in implementation of Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) formation and strengthening of village level organizations is one of the main characteristics of the project. 

Economy of a rural family depends on natural resources like land, water, plants, livestock and human. So, there is need to work on all these five components. Development and efficient management of natural resources is a vital objective of the project. Women empowerment is one of the major components of the programme. Creation of livelihood sources to asset-less families is also one of the components of the project.
Agriculture is main source of income of a rural family and agriculture production mainly depends on availability of water for irrigation, soil depth and its fertility. So to maintain the soil fertility, land must be conserved from being degraded by soil erosion. Thus by conserving soil and rain water, agriculture production can be increased significantly. Consequently, the main objective of the project is to conserve and harvest rain water so as to:
a. provide protective irrigation for Kharif as well as Rabi crops
b. reduce soil erosion and prevent degradation of land 
c. increase agriculture production in the area 
d. increase ground water table and secure availability of drinking water to all families in project area.

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