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Mr. Ramesh Rawal (BIRD)


Securing Livelihoods through Community-Led Agriculture Management, in Kasganj District of Uttar Pradesh

Partner: BAIF Development Research Foundation (BIRD )
Mr. Ramesh Rawal, 
Executive Vice President, 
BAIF Development Research Foundation
BAIF Development Research Foundation and Hindustan Unilever Foundation have been working on the Jal Samriddhi project in Kasganj district with a focused approach. BIRD-UP, an associate organization of BAIF in Uttar Pradesh is implementing this project. Kasganj has an ample water supply but productivity is low as people there follow unscientific traditional agricultural practices. This project aims to promote judicial use of water by following better animal husbandry and agronomic practices like use of SRI, line sowing, use of bio-pesticides, etc. Farmers are introduced to modern and efficient agricultural practices that result in increase in productivity of the region. We have had a very nice experience working with HUF and we would like to take this relationship further by replicating this project in different parts of the country.

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