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Barsingve Integrated Watershed Development Programme
The Water harvesting and utilisation project set off in year 2010 with partners HUF and MITTRA. From year 2012, it is switched to PPP mode with partners Hindustan Unilever Foundation (HUF), National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and Maharashtra Institute of Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (MITTRA), Nasik with community of Barsingve watershed.
The project area consist of three micro watersheds namely Barsingve, Sonushi and Mydara-Dhanoshi with area of 2784.42ha. The area considered for PPP mode project is 2645.91 of which 1001.9ha is forest land.
The results are encouraging and are in the direction of achieving the project objectives. The partners are working for a common goal with more emphasis on conservation of valuable natural resources especially water and soil and fordependents on it. 
The impacts on agriculture based livelihood, quality of life and drudgery reduction of women has positive change along with change in social and economics of dweller within the boundaries whose Livelihood and quality of life is dependent on water without harming the environment is the value proposition of objectives. 
Total area covered during year is 186.13 ha and work in progress in all the five villages. 452 farmers replicated method of four step paddy. 18 farmers adopted potato cultivation with advanced technologies like sowing with machinery and drip irrigation.

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