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Jayanti R. Mori (DHRUVA)


Integrated Water Conservation Project in Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli  - Dhruva
Partner: Dharampur Utthan Vahini (DHRUVA)
Jayanti R. Mori
Chief Programme Coordinator
I feel humbled and privilege to present DHRUVA annual report 2013-14 of Integrated Water Conservation Project. This year has been exciting for us as we have started work on different innovative ideas and one of them is Integrated Water Conservation in Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli in the collaboration with Hindustan Unilever Foundation (HUF) promoted by Hindustan Unliver Limited. The project has been launched in Dec. 2013 and being implemented in four villages’ viz. Dudhani, Vansda, Karchond and Mandoni in Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Since it has been initiated recently the major focus was on social mobilization, formation of primary groups and initiation of activities on pilot basis. 
The project focuses on three aspects as water conservation through catchment area treatment at reach, water harvesting and minimization through different interventions at middle and demonstration of water saving techniques besides water harvesting structures at valley portion. It also conserves the water concentrating on utilization of groundwater being available through shallow aquifer. During the year through project support training, exposure, construction of check dam in Vansda village and formation of water user groups were taken up as a result 182 participants are trained on water and agriculture, 1490 mandays has been created through check dam construction, and 5 water user group are formed which bridged 70 members. Besides it project has shown some indirect impact as the construction of chackdam has been fully planned, executed and implemented by water user group. Equally women were participated in the implementation of checkdam and equity was maintained in wa

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