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Water Commons – Influencing Practice and Policy
FES aims to centre stage Commons such as water, pastures and forests, where local communities play central role in evolving rules and regulations for effective management and sustainable use, as an effective paradigm for ecological governance. 
From experience gained on working with village communities on community lands, we join a growing body of researchers and practitioners who believe that Community institutions are a viable and promising property regime that could be located alongside State led governance and that collective tenure rights over shared resources could be as effective as individual ownership. It is in this backdrop that we have initiated the project on ‘Water Commons – Influencing Practice and Policy’ which aims to improve the management and governance of land and water resources and impact rural livelihoods in 690 habitations across five states. 
The generous support provided by the Hindustan Unilever Foundation (HUF) are matched by funds leveraged for village level expenses from National Rural Employment Generation Scheme (NREGS) and the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). 
Major components of the project include formalising community institutions and strengthening collective action for restoration and management of common lands and water resources (which result in improvement in local livelihoods), promoting debates on judicious use of water resources in agriculture, and joining wider networks and policy dialogues. 

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