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Dr. Marcella D'Souza (WOTR)


Securing Water and Livelihoods through Community-Led Watershed Development in Semi-Arid, Drought Prone Region of Maharashtra.

Partner: Watershed Organization Trust
Dr. Marcella D''''Souza
Executive Director,
Watershed Organization Trust.
The project “Securing water and livelihoods in the changing climate through Community-Led Watershed Development in Drought Prone Region of India” is being implemented in 3 blocks of Jalna district. In year 2012-13, Maharashtra government declared Jalna as severely drought affected district, more than 970 villages were affected by drought. The proposed project area is ranked 101 in India and 15 in Maharashtra as per Rainfed area priority index. The component of Soil and Water Conservation will be completed through MGNREGS program. This project seeks to develop an effective approach or methodology for orienting MGNREGs to undertake works on a watershed basis and actively engage with the Department of Water Conservation and EGS, Govt. of Maharashtra to adopt this approach. The MGNREGS-funded watershed model that will be developed by WOTR under this project would enable greater effectiveness of use of these funds and creation of durable assets that meet both conservation and economic needs of the community extending well beyond project period. 
The project objective is to increase water and biomass availability as a basis of poverty alleviation through empowerment of the village communities in 75 villages of Jalna district. 
  • Harvest a cumulative of 178 Billion Liters of runoff water over the project period and control soil and water erosion over 25000 Hectares of agriculture land through soil and water conservation measures. 
  • Stabilize and enhance the productive capacity of the local ecosystem, the agricul

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