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Value of Project Objectives at Local level:

Enhancing sustainable livelihoods, especially for small and marginal farmers:
The small and marginal farmers are often at the receiving end of scarcity of water for agriculture, be it a rain-fed area or an irrigated command area. Their land is located in the upper ridges of a watershed and at the lower tails of a command area; water hardly reach their fields in time. This project makes an effort to serve them well.
Maximizing water use efficiency at farm level:The project envisages increasing water use efficiency at farmer level by introducing better crop management practices, drip and sprinkler use on a large scale, vermin-compost mechanism, etc.
Value of the objectives at systemic level:
Holistic development of water resources:The project looks at both supply and demand sides of the water resources; on one hand, water conservation and harvesting are emphasized to replenish the water bodies and ground water aquifers; on the other hand, demand for water, especially for agricultural purposes is managed in such a way that demand doesn’t go beyond the supply from all sources. For example some of the farmers now depend too much on ground water, thereby depleting the ground water source, and some of them depend too much on canal irrigation, thereby being unable to irrigate their land properly. So, learning to integrate and manage the two sources in an organized way would go a long way in developing the water resources as well as solve the problems of the farmers. This will lead to a desirable water balance in the area in the long run.

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