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Integrated Water Conservation Project in Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli

The Rationale:

Dadra and Nagar Haveli is a tribal dominant area, which is characterized by hilly terrain, poor soils and poor infrastructure besides very low access to available resources. Majority of the tribal population in this area depends on rainfed agriculture and forest resources. Though the average annual rainfall of the area is 2447.6 mm, most of the water flows away due to hilly terrain and lack of water harvesting structures. The region hence faces severe water scarcity during the post monsoon phase of every year. The topography also limits the water harvesting and usage for agriculture irrigation purpose as most of the potential sites falls under valley portion and villages are located at higher altitude. In most of the area electricity (three phase) is not available and usage of diesel pump is not an economical and viable option.  


  • Integrated water conservation technologies and establish water governance in view of water availability enhancement for increase in agriculture productivity.
  • To  improve the governance of water resources – especially enhancing soil moisture at ridge and improving the availability of water through adequate water harvesting structures at mid and valley. 
  • Engaging with all the communities in the project locations, the project would assist in designing plans for soil and moisture conservation, surface water harvesting and utilization, recharge of groundwater levels and increase in area under irrigation. 
  • The Project would take into account the equitable use of the surface and ground water resources as well as demand side management of water, which is essentially promoting appropriate water use for agriculture and domestic purposes. 


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