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Organizations eligible and interested to submit a proposal under the RFP are first requested to fill a complete concept note that captures their approach and solution. Shortlisted concept notes will be invited to submit detailed proposals and budgets.

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Do note that all sections of the form need to be filled to qualify as a complete application.

Project Title:*
Project Duration(In Months):
Total Budget:
Category: Select the most appropriate category for your proposal
Problem Statement: Describe a clear problem statement that your organization aims to address in the context of a breakthrough solution for efficient use of water in agriculture in your region. Support your problem statement with appropriate data only (not exceeding 200 words)
Proposed Solution: How does your proposed program address the problem stated above? Summarise strategic interventions linked to the problem statement (200 words)
Expected Outcomes of Proposed Solution: How would the key interventions stated above lead to outcomes of securing water potential, more crop per drop, farmer and community well-being? Is there a measurable quantum of these outcomes that you can share at this stage? If yes, then please describe the scientific rigour that organisation has or plan to put in place for measuring expected outcomes. (200 words)
Organization Fit: How does the proposed idea align with your organization’s core purpose and capabilities? Alignment with Purpose (100 words)
Alignment with Organization Capabilities (150 words)
Risks and Mitigation: What are the clear risks in your proposed approach. How would your organization proactively address these risks? (200 words)
Pathway for scale: How will your proposed idea scale significantly and disproportionately vis-à-vis conventional approaches after an initial phase of prototyping? What do you believe is the true (and feasible) potential of your idea? (200 words)
Co-funding: What is the possibility of the idea being co-funded by an existing donor or a new donor over and above HUF? Who do you see as potential co-funders for your idea? (200 words)
Other than Financial Support : What would you seek as support from HUF beyond financial resources? Why is this non-financial support critical for the success of your idea? (150 words)
Quick Check: Please click focus area of the concept note
(small and large farmers included)


  • If selected, our organization would be willing to share training content, technology tools, insights, reports, photographs and other resources generated from the program supported by HUF with other stakeholders including training organizations, academia, media, funders, evaluation agencies etc. *
  • HUF Programs undergo for annual assurance process by third party agencies during the project period and sustainability period (two years). We would be willing be participate in same and maintain data and records matching with assurance requirements in completeness and timely manner. *