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Apoorva Oza (AKRSP)


Partner: AKRSP (India)

Apoorva Oza
Chief Executive Officer
The Dangs district bordering Maharashtra state covered with high hills and rich forest. Dangs is southern most districts in Gujarat, which starts from the rugged mountain chains of the Sahyadri range of Western Ghats in the southwest and descends on the western side of extending undulating tract. Dangs district is situated between the parallels of latitude 20 33''''40" and 21 5''''10" and the meridians of longitude 73 27'''' 58" and 73 56'''' 36". The district is bounded in the North by Vyara and Songadh Taluka of Surat district of Gujarat and Navapur Taluka of Dhulia district of Maharashtra, on the east by Sakri taluka of Navsari District of Maharashtra and on the West by Vansda taluka of Navsari district and Vyara of Surat district of Gujarat Stat. Almost 60 per cent of the area is forest land, largely managed by the Forest Department, reducing the area available for cultivation by the communities, whose main livelihoods are agriculture and migrant labour. The district receives favourable annual average rainfall of 3000 mm over an annual number of about 100 days, but there is high soil erosion and rainwater runoff due to the hilly topography, with fertile black soils in the low lying areas and rocky red soils on the slopes.  Maize, rice, groundnuts and millet (nagli) are the major crops while wheat, black gram and pulses are grown. Some outsiders who have cultivated in the area have grown exotic crops like strawberries. Small landholdings (less than two acres) and lack of irrigation translates into low agricultural yields of around 60 per cent of the state average. The geographic remoteness of the area exacerbates poor market linkages for agricultural inputs and sale of produce, leading to low incomes from agriculture and food insecurity for a significant part of the year. The seasonal migration by men in

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