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Water for Public good – Influencing Practice and Policy

The Rationale: 
The average annual rainfall of 3000 mm over an annual number of about 100 days,  there is high soil erosion and rainwater runoff due to the hilly topography, with fertile black soils in the low lying areas and rocky red soils on the slopes. Dangs is prioritized 277th as per rainfed area priority rank among the analyzed 499 districts in India by National Rainfed Area Authority, Planning Commission of India; The district falls under high category of climate vulnerability index. Existing ground water status of Dangs is 16%.
75% of population lives below poverty line and 98 % of community belong to scheduled tribes. Though area is blessed with favourable natural resources, the community continues to live in poverty due to inefficient management of available resources.
Objectives: To improve the quality of life of rural and tribal families and conserve the environment through holistic programme approach:
  • Improve the water availability through runoff water harvesting measures
  • Conserve fertile soil through soil and moisture conservation
  • Improve the agriculture production
  • Community mobilization and awareness generation, capacity building on soil  and moisture conservation, agriculture development
  • Use the project as a demonstration for water centric livelihood policies in tribal India 
Duration: November 2013 – September 2018 
Coverage: 65 villages in two blocks of Dangs district In Gujarat 

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